Case Five

Richard was instructed following the death of the Deceased from the effects of mesothelioma, however there was not obvious exposure to asbestos which the deceased had suffered during his life time save for a short period of time in the mid-70s where, as a lorry driver, he may have been exposed to asbestos during the time that the warehouse, where his lorry was based was having a new roof put on to it and the old one removed.

It appears that for a short period of time the building may have been contaminated with asbestos dust and clearly he recalled having to sweep his lorry down in the mornings before taking it out on his delivery rounds causing further exposure. There is no clue as to exactly when this exposure took place and in the middle of the 1970s the Deceased’s employment swapped between two different parts of the Co-Operative Group.

Initial investigations showed that there was not that much in the way of corroborative information available. The two people Richard was able to contact were very woolly in what they could recall which perhaps, given the passage of time, was not surprising. Following on from an opinion from Counsel proceedings were issued and the claim settled by way of acceptance of a Part 36 Offer.